Data Ark

Data Ark is a Mount Sinai Data Commons, increasing data accessibility and reusability to the Mount Sinai community.
All available data sets on Data Ark have been subject to quality control measures.

Current data sets available on Minerva (version 1):

Public data sets:

  • 1,000 Genomes Project – WGS data on 1,000 individuals of European ancestry
  • GTEx – Gene expression data on hundreds of individuals across 50 tissues

Restricted public data sets:

  • UK Biobank – 500k genotype-phenotype data, with 150k WES soon

Mount Sinai Health System data sets:

How to access the data sets?
Users must read and sign the “Data Ark Data Usage Agreement” for each data set. Once the agreement received, we will review and grant access accordingly in 48 hours with email notification to users.

Please click here for Data Ark Data Usage Agreement, and choose the data set you would like to access in the drop-down list. You can only choose one data set at a time.