eQTLGen Consortium

The eQTLGen Consortium has been set up to identify the downstream consequences of trait-related genetic variants.

The Genome files are downloaded from this website, and the different data folders on the Data Ark are the cis-eQTLs, trans-eQTLs, eQTS, sc-eQTLGen, and Replications.

To use this data, NO DUA form is required. Access the data at the following path on Minerva –/sc/arion/projects/data-ark/Public_Unrestricted/eQTLGen or load module $ module load dataark to see the path variables.

To suggest a new reference genome or related data sets, join our Data Ark Slack channel at https://join.slack.com/t/data-ark/signup and sign up using your Mount Sinai credentials.

Data Sets

Public Data Sets (restricted)

Mount Sinai Generated Data (unrestricted)

Mount Sinai Generated Data (restricted)

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