About HADatAc

Human-Aware Data Acquisition (HADatAc) is an open-source infrastructure enabling combined acquisitions of data and metadata in a way that metadata is properly and logically connected to data. An integral component of the Human Health Exposure Analysis Resource (HHEAR) established by NIEHS, the HHEAR Data Center aims to catalyze new scientific insight from the colocation, integration and advanced statistical and data science analysis of multimodal data sets.


HADatAc Accounts

All HADatAc users must apply for their own accounts to download data. Any research investigator sponsored by an NIH-recognized institution with Federalwide Assurance is eligible for an account–therefore all Mount Sinai Hospital and School users are eligible to register. Users must have a HHEAR account in order to set up a HADatAc account. There is no cost for accessing or using HHEAR.

  1. Carefully read through the HHEAR Data Use Guide and affirm the terms. Then complete the registration page with your research institute’s information.
  2. Once your HHEAR account is established, you will receive an email confirmation of your login credentials.
  3. Navigate to HADatAc Sign Up and register using the same email address attached to your HHEAR account
  4. You will receive an email confirmation of your login credentials.


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