Please submit a request at the MSDW ticketing system and one of our specialists will reach out to you.  For more information into the research process please click here to learn about the Digital Concierge services available.


Core Services
MSDW has data throughout the system since 2003, covering 3.5 million patients, 25 million visits, and billions of facts. As data is passed from individual systems into the MSDW, it is validated and re-organized. Not all data from each system is passed to the MSDW, though requests can be made. A complete list of sources and a data dictionary is available and frequently refined.
Custom Queries Cohort Query Tool i2b2 OMOP/ATLAS
Description Work with MSDW analysts to compose custom SQL queries for research or QA.  See our 10-Step process. Web-based way to browse aggregated, de-identified (or identified, if IRB-approved) data from Epic, Cerner, Eagle, TDS and other systems in the MSDW. Web-based way to browse aggregated, de-identified data from Epic, Cerner, Eagle, TDS and other systems in the MSDW. A web-based integrated platform for database exploration, standardized vocabulary browsing, cohort definition, and population-level analysis.
Access Request form Request access here.  You can then use your Sinai network username/password to login. Request access here. You can then use your Sinai network username/password to login. Login to the Atlas System using your Sinai network username/password.
Training Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial
Data Types Facilities, Diagnoses & DRGs, Procedures, Meds, Labs, Orders, EKG reports, Rads reports, Path reports, Histories and Clinical Documentation, Patient demographics. Providers, Diagnoses, Procedures, Meds, Labs, Documentation, Patient demographics.
PHI Yes Yes, if IRB approved No
Cost $160/hr De-identified data covered by Mount SinaiRe-identification of data is $160/hr Free Free
Turnaround Typically a few weeks (depending on complexity) Seconds Minutes Seconds
Advantages/Disadvantages Most comprehensive and sophisticated way to search the largest database at Mount Sinai characterize cohorts in MSDW. Can visualize demographic details of cohorts, Top 10 lists.
Patients with any HIV history (even PEP) suppressed from results
Robust, approximate method to cohorts in MSDW; permits more sophisticated queries than CQT, and can plot results over time.
Can share queries with colleagues, and build cohorts for future analysis.
Typical Queries Tabulate demographics, comorbidities, PMD and SW/Care Management involvement in geriatric patients discharged from the ED who were re-admitted within 3, 6 or 12 months How many patients over age 70 received appendectomy at MSH in 2016? How many patients with a diagnosis of Lyme disease received multiple rounds of doxycycline?

How many patients with a troponin <=1 got cardiac catheterization, and when?


Custom Query Intake Process

Our custom query process in 10 easy steps.  Please reach out to the MSDW group for more details on getting started