Please submit a request at the MSDW ticketing system and one of our specialists will reach out to you.  For more information into the research process please click here to learn about the Digital Concierge services available.


Core Services
MSDW has Epic Electronic Health System data starting from 2011, covering patient records, encounters, labs, conditions, diagnoses, medications and more. Data is transformed from Epic into OMOP CDM and is updated daily. Reference OHDSI’s data dictionary for OMOP CDM. Custom data queries (including PHI) can be requested through MSDW team, and self-service query tools can be utilized to access the MSDW data directly.
Custom Queries Leaf OMOP/ATLAS TriNetX
Description Work with MSDW analysts to compose custom SQL queries for research or QA.  See our 10-Step process. Web-based, lightweight drag-and-drop query tool that quickly analyzes population demographics using ICD-10 codes. A web-based integrated platform for database exploration, standardized vocabulary browsing, cohort definition, and population-level analysis. A global research network that optimizes clinical research for data at mount sinai.
Access Request form Request access here.  You can then use your Sinai network username/password to login. Login to the Atlas System using your Sinai School network username/password. For users with only a Hospital account, request a School account to access Atlas. Request access here. Log in to the TriNetX system using your email address and password.
Training   Tutorial Tutorial PEAK Tutorial
Data Types   Diagnoses, procedures, encounters, labs, patient demographics Facilities, diagnoses & DRGs, procedures, meds, labs, orders, EKG reports, rads and path, patient demographics Facilities, diagnoses & DRGs, procedures, meds, labs, orders, EKG reports, rads and path, BioME, patient demographics
PHI Yes No Yes, if IRB Approved  
Cost $180/hr Free Free Free
Turnaround Typically a few weeks (depending on complexity) Seconds Seconds Seconds to minutes
Advantages/Disadvantages Most comprehensive and sophisticated way to search the largest database at Mount Sinai Can visualize demographic details of cohorts, drag-and-drop query feature Utilizes common data model and queries; numerous query analysis tools available in github Contains all MSDW patients; can search BioMe patients; can search Image Research Warehouse patients; can be slow to operate
Typical Queries Tabulate demographics, comorbidities, PMD and SW/Care Management involvement in geriatric patients discharged from the ED who were re-admitted within 3, 6 or 12 months      


Custom Query Intake Process

Our custom query process in 10 easy steps.  Please reach out to the MSDW group for more details on getting started

  Project Phase Details
1. Requestor Initiation Ticket creation for custom query (requires protocol, approved IRB letter, and fund number to get started
2. User Support/Clinical Informaticist Review Your request is reviewed by our team
3. Data Analyst Assigned  
4. Project Requirements Approval Meeting We meet with you to review your request and finalize the scope of the project
5. Statement of Work (SOW) Preparation Our User Support Representative works with the Analyst to estimate project length and prepare an SOW
6. Requestor Approves SOW We will send you an estimate and, with your approval, will prioritize your project in the queue
7. Custom Query Data Pull in Progress  
8. Data Approval Meeting with Requestor Your success is our success! Our Analyst and Informaticist will meet you to display the data set and confirm your satisfaction
9. Invoice for Fund Transfer We will look for a fund transfer initiation from you
10. Complete Data Set Transferred to Requestor