Chargeback Policy


Effective Date:  July 13, 2020

For Data Warehouse programming (custom reports, data marts, data extracts, data re-identification, new data sources, or other programming) there is a charge of $180/hour. Requestors must provide an account# to be charged via funds transfer.

Please plan funding for Data Warehouse services in your grant applications or departmental budgets. For help in estimating costs, please use our Report Request Form to describe the data requirements for the research you will be proposing (be sure to specify that the request is for estimation only).

Custom programming for requests from Hospital or School Administration or for operations or quality, process or financial improvement or similar (non-research) projects, are covered by combined Hospital/School support of the Data Warehouse. There is no chargeback to individual requestors for these types of projects.

Policy is Applicable to:

1.1 Requests from faculty, staff, business associates, research associates, fellows, house staff, medical students, volunteers of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (collectively, “MSSM Requestors”) for reports, data extracts, data marts, inclusion of new data sources, or other custom programming from the Mount Sinai Data Warehouse (collectively, “Data Delivery Services”) pertaining to the planning and execution of research.

Policy is Not Applicable to:

2.1 Requests from Mount Sinai Hospital administration or staff (Collectively, “MSH Requestors”) for requests pertaining to hospital operations or quality, process or financial improvement, strategic initiatives or other hospital business.

2.2 Requests from regulatory external agencies.

2.3 Requests from Hospital IT Application Support teams.

Policy Provisions:

3.1 Requests for Human Subjects research or for data containing PHI are subject to IRB approval.  MSSM Requestors must secure IRB approval and provide documentation of such approval, before any work on requests for data for Human Subjects Research will commence.  The IRB requires that data elements to be reported/ extracted from the Data Warehouse be delineated in the IRB application and explicitly approved.

3.2 Requestors may attend class/trainings at no charge, and upon completion, may use self-service query and reporting tools at no charge and without limitation.

3.3 Requests for Data Delivery Services must be requested here.

3.4 Each request will be analyzed for complexity and work effort required for completion.  Requests related to NIH-funded research will being given top priority.  Requests related to other externally funded research will be second priority.  Requests related to internally funded research will be third priority.

3.5 If the request can be satisfied by a self-service tool, the requestor will be instructed to learn and use the tool.

3.6 All custom programming will be charged at the rate of $180/hour.

3.7 A fund transfer transaction will be initiated by the Data Warehouse Group upon the completion of each request.

3.8 If requirements change or if there are follow-on requests for the same project, hours will be cumulative; subsequent fund transfers for the incremental hours will be initiated.

3.9 Investigators whose projects are supported by CTSA should credit Mount Sinai’s CTSA award.   Publications arising from any research project receiving support from Conduits – the Institutes for Translational Sciences must adhere to the NIH Public Access Policy and should acknowledge support as follows:

“Supported by grant UL1TR000067 from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, National Institutes of Health”