Access Protected Patient Information

About Protected Patient Information

In compliance with HIPAA privacy and security, all data queries exclude the following protected patient categories:

  • Special Status Patients
  • HIV-Related Patients
  • Substance Use Patients
  • Community Connect Patients

These records are excluded from de-identified OMOP data sets and from PHI data sets unless explicitly approved by the investigator’s IRB (42 CFR Part 46). For more information on Protected Patients, click here.


Request SQL Server Access

If you already have access to Clarity or Caboodle, but wish to remove protected patients from your data set, you must:

  1. Submit your IRB Protocol to the Scientific Computing and Data team for review to confirm specific PHI data permissions
  2. Create a ticket in SailPoint to request access:
    • School users (with credentials) request access to “MSDW2 API protect for School Users”
    • Hospital users (with ( credentials) request access to “MSDW2 API protect for Hospital Users”
  3. Access to the SQL Server will be approved through Scientific Computing and Data


SQL Server Database Access

Once you have access to the SQL Server Database, you may:

  1. Access the SQL Server Database:
    • Server name:
    • Database name: API
    • View name: [API].[protect].[protected_patient]
  2. Query the data to pull all patients in the cohort (including protected patients). An example query:

    SELECT TOP (1000) [person_id]




         ,[xtn_has_special_status] -- They definitely want to exclude these patients as they are VIP & colleagues



    FROM [API].[protect].[protected_patient]

    WHERE[xtn_has_special_status] <> 1

  3. Join this data to your own data set, from which you can exclude protected patients.

For more information on protected patients, click here.