About Leaf

Leaf is a drag-and-drop, self-service query application used to directly query de-identified patient data in the Mount Sinai Data Warehouse. Historically, Leaf has been successfully implemented at the University of Washington through the support of UW Medicine, the Institute of Translational Health Sciences, and the National Center for Data to Health. Leaf source code has been released into the public domain at https://github.com/uwrit/leaf.The Mount Sinai Health System implementation of Leaf went live in September 2021.

Leaf is currently in beta release at Mount Sinai and is occasionally updated. Click here to see Leaf’s Status and Roadmap.


Leaf Accounts

Leaf is free to use and is available to all Mount Sinai School and Hospital users. All Leaf users must have their own accounts. To set up an account:

  1. Navigate to Leaf’s Service Desk
  2. Click “Query Tool Access Request Form”
  3. Complete the form, noting Platform is “Leaf” and Data Source is “MSDW 2.0 De-identified”
    • Only de-identified data is available in Leaf. For PHI or Datamart access, consider utilizing the ATLAS platform with your Mount Sinai School credentials

Once a Leaf account is established, users can log in to https://leaf.mssm.edu using Mount Sinai School or Hospital credentials.

Questions about Leaf accounts or Leaf access may be submitted as a service desk ticket.


Leaf Support Materials

The Mount Sinai Data Warehouse team encourages users to utilize the training and support materials publicly available:


Leaf Features & Data

Leaf utilizes ICD-10 codes to query de-identified patient data in the Mount Sinai Data Warehouse. Click here to learn more about MSDW Data Sources. Leaf data types include:

  • Conditions (diagnoses)
  • Procedures
  • Demographics
  • Encounter type (e.g. inpatient, ambulatory, etc.)
  • Vitals

Query turnaround time takes seconds and results can visualize demographic details of cohorts in charts and diagrams in addition to a downloadable file. Leaf contains de-identified patient data only. To see how Leaf features compare to other MSDW query tools, click here for Services.

Compare Leaf to our other self-service query tool, ATLAS:


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