ATLAS is a free, publicly available web-based, open-source, self-service query application developed by the OHDSI community. The ATLAS platform utilizes the OMOP Common Data Model to analyze Epic data from the Mount Sinai Health System. ATLAS supports database exploration, standardized vocabulary browsing, cohort definition, and population-level analysis. ATLAS is currently in software version 1 at Mount Sinai and is occasionally updated. Click here to see ATLAS’ Status and Roadmap.

ATLAS is supported by grant UL1TR004419 from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, National Institutes of Health.



ATLAS Accounts

All users must have their own ATLAS account. ATLAS is free to use and is available to all Mount Sinai users. Users must have a Mount Sinai School account to log in. With Mount Sinai School credentials, users can navigate to https://atlas.msdw.mountsinai.org. Hospital users requesting School credentials may navigate to SailPoint and request a Mount Sinai School account; specifically, users may request access to “DEANS School Network Account” in the Active Directory. Once approved, use the school account credentials to log in to https://atlas.msdw.mountsinai.org

To log in to ATLAS, select the “Sign In” link in the top right-hand corner of the ATLAS landing page. All users will have access to de-identified data within ATLAS.

To access PHI data or a data mart within ATLAS:

  1. Log in to https://atlas.msdw.mountsinai.org to establish an account in the ATLAS directory
  2. Navigate to ATLAS’ Service Desk
  3. Select “Query Tool Access Request Form”
  4. Select Platform: “ATLAS” and corresponding Data Source
  5. Ensure a valid IRB is attached

Users will receive confirmation from the MSDW Team when their request has been enabled. The user’s next login to ATLAS will have access to the approved PHI data.


ATLAS Support Materials

The Mount Sinai Data Warehouse team encourages users to utilize the training and support materials publicly available:


ATLAS Features and Data

ATLAS utilizes OMOP standard concept IDs (currently contained within only the following clinical domains: conditions, procedures, visits, vitals measurements). All other domains can be queried using concepts in Epic vocabularies. Click here to learn more about MSDW Data Sources. ATLAS data types include:

  • Diagnoses
  • Procedures
  • Meds, labs, and orders
  • Patient demographics

Query turnaround time takes seconds. Users can query de-identified patient data through ATLAS, and users with a valid IRB can query PHI data. To see how ATLAS features compare to other MSDW query tools, click here for Services.


ATLAS vs Leaf

Compare ATLAS to our other self-service query tool, Leaf:

Development Nic Dobbins, University of Washington
Open-source collaborators (including Mount Sinai)
OHDSI Community

Open-source software
Extensive use by academic researchers
Specify cohort inclusion criteria
Visualize cohort characteristics

Ease of Use User Friendly Learning curve
Cohort Inclusion Criteria Easy drag-and-drop Complex rules, temporal dependencies
Data Export Export cohort patient list (de-identified) Export cohort definition criteria
Analytics Capabilities Minimal Built-in
For Data Marts Extensive setup Easy Setup



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