Scientific Computing and Data

Partnering with researchers to advance scientific discovery

About Scientific Computing and Data at Mount Sinai

The mission is to enable and accelerate biomedical discovery through collaborative research using high performance computing, biomedical informatics and data science.

Our guiding principle for data is FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (and Reproducible). Scientific Computing and Data partners in research projects through:

  • High Performance Computing: The computing infrastructure provides resources and assistance to researchers across institutions around the globe. The primary asset for Scientific Computing is the supercomputer Minerva, accessible for processing large-scale computing jobs for research.
  • Research Data Services: Researchers planning new studies or continuing longitudinal research can utilize self-service tools or custom services to process, access, or collect data.
  • Mount Sinai Data Warehouse: MSDW houses and collects clinical and operational data for use in clinical and translational research, containing over 10 million records and over 2 billion facts.

Led by Dean for Scientific Computing Patricia Kovatch, the Scientific Computing team provides tools, resources, and assistance to researchers across institutions around the globe. We engage and collaborate with researchers and clinicians to achieve extraordinary biomedical breakthroughs. Genomics, molecular biology, oncology, and psychiatry are just a few of the fields in which scientists have used our expertise and resources to achieve new discoveries at speeds that were unthinkable only a few years earlier. In addition, researchers are devising more complex experiments, higher fidelity simulations, and attaining a higher level of accuracy.


High Performance Computing

Use the supercomputer Minerva to process high-processing compute jobs that cannot be completed on a standard laptop. Request an account or allocation on Minerva. Minerva is free to use for Mount Sinai personnel.


Research Data Services

Use custom research tools to facilitate your own research: eRAP and REDCap are HIPAA-compliant data capture tools. Read about features and service pricing.

HHEAR and HADatAc are public data repositories collecting longitudinal health data. Leverage these tools to access longitudinal human health data. Access HHEAR and HADatAc.


Mount Sinai Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse contains Epic EHR data from the Mount Sinai Health System: over 115 million patient encounters. Request custom data deliverables from the MSDW analyst team billed at $180/hour.

Self-service query tools contain de-identified (and, with valid IRB or QI documentation, PHI) data that is accessible free of charge. Compare services or request access.



High Performance Computing

Contact HPC administrators by email at

See more contact and help options at HPC Help

Research Data Services

For eRAP, REDCap, HADatAc, and HHEAR, submit a ticket for your service.

Find more information about services with Compare Tools

Mount Sinai Data Warehouse

For MSDW data requests, submit a ticket. For self-service query tools, click here.

To find answers to common questions, visit MSDW FAQ