About eRAP

The Electronic Research Application Portal Rapid Database Generator (eRAP RDG) is a web-based interactive tool for data entry and reporting. We can rapidly develop custom databases for longitudinal single and multi-site studies.

eRAP is integrated with other Mount Sinai Health System clinical systems making sharing data between systems easy. These systems include:

  • EPIC
  • Mount Sinai Data Warehouse
  • Specimen Management Systems (Freezerworks and IPM LIMS)
  • SCC Labs

Services include:

  • reporting tools
  • randomization engine
  • data upload
  • file upload

Learn more about eRAP capabilities and features here.

eRAP Updates

To streamline eRAP user support and reduce the time for basic user management requests, eRAP will be implementing a self-service support model by March 31, 2023.

Current room and instrument administrators are working with Scientific Computing and DTP to implement the transition and support.

If you utilize eRAP for room or instrument scheduling, please contact your lab manager to ensure your room or instrument is on the list for transition. If you have additional questions, please email ASCIT@mssm.edu


eRAP Accounts

Effective 4/1/2023, eRAP will release a self-support model to enable project administrators to create users and assign users to projects. The existing support function to request these services will now be directed to the project administrator for their selected project.

Project owners must assign a project administrator to manage their projects. Scientific Computing user support is currently working to contact project owners to identify the project administrators. Please find training session materials for assigned administrators and PI’s here.

Please note that requests to create new projects or modify existing projects, report bugs with eRAP, or ask general questions about eRAP should be directed to erap-support@mssm.edu, or submitted through the eRAP Service Desk here.

External collaborators (without Mount Sinai credentials) must have their PI or delegate request Mount Sinai account credentials on their behalf through at https://sailpoint.mountsinai.org. Once approved in Sailpoint, the PI may add the collaborator through their own eRAP Portal.

General questions on eRAP can be addressed at the Digital Concierge “Walk-in” Clinic.


eRAP User Feedback

Every year we ask eRAP users for feedback on the functions and features of eRAP and solicit recommendations for improvement over time. Here are some specific recommendations and comments from eRAP users:


eRAP Support Materials

Scientific Computing and Data hosts eRAP Town Hall sessions that are open to current and prospective eRAP users. Here are the session archives:



Annual fee for hosting projects is $1000 per project per year. New development costs are based on estimated hours of work and paid via salary support.



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