Clinical Systems Data Access 

How to request access to data from MSHS clinical systems 


A researcher or clinician wishing to access Mount Sinai’s clinical data or clinical data systems should first work with Scientific Computing’s Mount Sinai Data Warehouse (MSDW) team to determine which system contains the required data and the appropriate level of access to those data.

As a first step, a researcher must submit a data request ticket to MSDW outlining their data needs. 

Scientific Computing’s MSDW team will work with researchers one-on-one to leverage existing data resources and custom data services (e.g., Data Ark and MSDW). 

If MSDW cannot provide the required resource or service, then the researcher may escalate the request to the Clinical Data Systems Exception Committee for an exception allowing direct access to Epic Clarity, Epic Caboodle, Data Trust or the back-end database of an ancillary clinical system. The Clinical Data Systems Exception Committee will review the researcher’s request and make a decision. The MSDW team will initiate the access request process with the committee.

Access to Protected Health Information (PHI) Data  

Researchers wishing to get access to Protected Health Information (PHI) in any data set or data system must first submit the request to the MSDW team, who will work with the researcher to review their needs relative to the data options available. The MSDW team can provide custom datasets or OMOP data marts with minimum-necessary access to patient data.

Access to a PHI OMOP data mart or other database containing PHI within MSDW requires an approved IRB protocol and a signed Database Access Agreement. Both documents ensure researcher compliance with applicable federal and state laws, and with Mount Sinai’s applicable policies for data security, privacy, and compliance.

Access to Protected Health Information (PHI) system will be granted only for the duration approved by the study IRB.

Please review requirements for MSDW access.

Access to De-Identified Databases and Data Sets

IRB approval is not required to access MSDW’s de-identified OMOP database or de-identified datasets within the Data Ark Data Commons. Access to these de-identified data sets is typically granted within two business days. Requestors are required to sign a Data Use Agreement (DUA) pertaining to each dataset.

Clinical Data Systems Exception Committee 

The committee’s purpose is to adjudicate requests for direct access to clinical systems.  Mount Sinai Health System has invested in and developed platforms and processes to safely provide minimum-necessary access to patient data provided by Scientific Computing.  While this is the preferred approach, when this does not meet the needs of the requester, an exception may be requested; but before it’s granted, this committee must evaluate whether to accept the risk and ultimately to grant or deny direct access.

The committee will convene on an ad hoc basis.   

 The committee will review two types of requests: 

  1. If MSDW team cannot provide the required data 
  2. If researcher does not agree with MSDW recommendation

The MSDW team will initiate the access request process with the committee.