Data Volume (Last updated: 09-23-2021)

10.3 million

Patient Records

5.2 million

Patients with Clinical Data

103.8 million

Patient Visits
(inpatient, outpatient, ED)

260 million

(ICD-9 and ICD-10 Coded)

784 million

Test Results
(lab, radiology, pathology)

237 million

Medication Records
(e.g. prescription and med-admins)

67 million

Clinical Documentations
(e.g. progress notes, discharge summaries, operative reports)

Patient Population

10,300,039 Patients in medical records
5,292,053 Patients with Clinical Data
2,891,587 Active patients in past 3 years (based on visit)
98,170,001 Outpatient visits at hospital clinics
1,793,154 Inpatient visits
4,046,724 Emergency visits
98,170,001 Outpatient visits


784,614,974 Lab results

Clinical Documentation

64,528,426 Progress Notes documented
1,426,824 Discharge Summaries documented
1,100,000 Operative Reports documented



35,227,438 ICD-9 coded diagnoses documented
95,198,198 ICD-10 coded diagnoses documented
1,672,854 Allergy assessments documented
130,400,000 Results of ICD-9 and ICD-10 queries

Medical History

1,369,364 Patients with family history recorded
2,844,253 Patients with social history recorded
1,289,830 Patients with surgical history recorded
1,798,759 Patients with medication history recorded

Clinical Documentation

64,528,426 Progress notes
1,426,824 Discharge summary
1,100,000 Operative report

Prescription Administration

94,202,000 Orders and prescriptions documented
135,610,000 Medication administration documented
7,245,715 Immunizations documented