Gene-based Association Summary Statistics

Genebass is a resource of exome-based association statistics, made available to the public. The dataset encompasses 4,529 phenotypes with gene-based and single-variant testing across 394,841 individuals with exome sequence data from the UK Biobank.

The results of analyses conducted in this project are provided as is. If you are interested in confirming hypotheses suggested by results in this browser, or performing follow-up analyses, please contact the UK Biobank in order to apply for research access to individual level data required to conduct primary analyses on the UK Biobank resource. The developers of this browser are not permitted to perform additional or confirmatory analyses for users.

All the files are obtained from Genebass download page. Please find the terms of use here.

To use this data, NO DUA form is required, you can access the data at the following path on Minerva – /sc/arion/projects/data-ark/Public_Unrestricted/Genebass or you can load module $ module load dataark to see the path variables.

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