Data Ark is hosting the NCBI BLAST database at the users’ request. This is a frequently updated database and the Data Ark team will manage and update the database regularly.

The nr database is downloaded by using the script from the BLAST software, which is a preformatted version. For more information, click here.

The UniProt Reference Clusters (Uniref) have been formatted in a similar way, Data Ark hosts UniRef50, UniRef90, and UniRef100. For more information, click here.

Also hosted on the Data Ark is the Uniclust database; for more information, click here.



Effective from January 22, 2024, you must read, agree and sign the Data Use Agreement (you must be logged in through the Mount Sinai campus network or secure remote VPN). Access is granted within 24 hours, and on Minerva, you can load module $ module load dataark to see the path variables.

Data Ark Data Sets

Please visit the Data Ark Data Set webpage to explore other data sets.