The Mount Sinai Data Warehouse team is pleased to announce the addition of a new cancer patient cohort to MSDW and its Leaf and ATLAS cohort query tools.


This “pre-calculated” cohort comprises all Mount Sinai patients with a diagnosis in Epic that maps to a cancer-related ICD-9, ICD-10, or SNOMED code.


Like the other such patient cohorts in MSDW, this new cohort is intended to be a convenient base population to which you may apply your own additional inclusion and exclusion criteria.  Of course, usage of these cohorts is entirely optional.


The “pre-calculated” patient cohorts in MSDW and available in the Leaf and ATLAS cohort query tools now include the following:


  1. Cancer Patient Cohort
  2. BioMe BioBank
  3. Cancer Institute Biorepository
  4. Imaging Research Warehouse 1.0


Please visit the Mount Sinai Data Warehouse website for tutorials on Leaf and ATLAS, as well as for more information about requesting help from the Scientific Computing team.