Researchers can now build cohorts specific to the Imaging Research Warehouse (IRW) 1.0 and the BioMe BioBank Program using the Mount Sinai Data Warehouse’s (MSDW) self-service Electronic Health Record cohort building tool, Leaf.


The Imaging Research Warehouse (IRW) 1.0  contains over 217 million de-identified image slices for over 700,00 MSHS studies from 2017-2021. Image modalities include DX (Digital Radiography), CT (Computed Tomography), CR (Computed Radiography), MR (Magnetic Resonance), MG (Mammography) and NM (Nuclear Medicine). All images are available on the Minerva Supercomputer and ready for computation and analysis.


The BioMe, BioBank Program is an electronic medical record-linked blood/serum biobank with over 50,000 enrolled participants. Genetic, epidemiologic and molecular data are available on these participants, including whole exome sequencing data (WES) for a diverse cohort of individuals from over 30,000 with many ancestral and cultural backgrounds. The WES data is available on the Minerva Supercomputer and ready for computation and analysis.


The Electronic Health Record (EHR) data on MSDW, the IRW 1.0 images and the WES data are all located on the Minerva Supercomputer. Minerva has over 2,000 applications available along with a team of computational scientists to help you build multi-scale models using genomic, imaging, EHR and other data types.


Leaf can help you develop, visualize and export cohorts, using ICD-10 codes and a range of standard healthcare terminologies, and it is available to all Mount Sinai Health System. To get started with your own Leaf account, click here.


Scientific Computing and Data is hosting an introductory application training for Leaf on Wednesday, May 4, from 12:00-12:30 pm. To register for the training and to see more details, click here.