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User Needing Project Allocation

Effective 2021, a rolling allocation process in response to users’ feedback. This means:

1) NO renewal allocation requests needed for existing projects

2) NO annual allocation request due date for new projects—we have eliminated the usual May allocation cycle

We still need all users to review and agree to the HIPAA policies by December 31 EVERY YEAR, per compliance.


Minerva Allocation Policy:

1) If you need an allocation for a NEW project, you need to complete the Minerva Allocation Request Form. The new allocation requests will be reviewed by the allocation committee, and notices of award will be emailed to PI’s and their delegates.

2) If you want to change the details of your EXISTING allocation (storage quota, delegate(s), etc), please log back to your original allocation form and update it. We will then update your allocation on Minerva.

3) If no change needs to be made on the allocation form, no annual renewal needed.

4) The allocated project will be kept active unless

  • No valid funding number is received by the 15th of the 2nd month of the billing cycle. Please refer to Fee Schedule and Policy here
  • No signed HIPAA form from project PI. Please refer to our HIPAA policy here
  • No valid Allocation Request Form is on file yet at Minerva Allocation Request Form.

Log back to the allocation form for changes?

  • PI/delegate can return to the form to modify for renew or supplemental request with random code generated after submission (Please keep this code). Simply click on the “Returning?” box in the top right (shown in the image below) and enter your return code.
  • PI/delegate can save and continue the form if cannot complete at once
  • Once completed, you can request an email confirmation with the filled form in PDF as attachment