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External Collaborator

As a part of our HIPAA compliance activities, we need to shut down the external gateway access to Minerva.  PI’s need to sponsor their external collaborators through Sailpoint, including requesting a school VPN account and renewing every 120 days.  The High Performance Computing team has made adjustments so that all users can connect to internal login nodes, thus all users will need a VPN account for off-campus login.

Please note: If you are an external collaborator (Non-Mount Sinai) you need to speak with your PI for access.  External users cannot request their own access. PI’s, please refer to the instructions below. As of April 30, 2020:

  • All users will need a VPN account for off-campus login 
  • The PIs need to apply for a Mount Sinai school VPN for this external collaborator within campus network

The network/VPN account expiration is 120 days maximum. An email will go out to PIs in Sailpoint 21 days before the expiration date directing them to log into Sailpoint to extend (or deny) the network/VPN account.


Instructions for how to request Mount Sinai school VPN  for collaborators (Non-Mount Sinai Users)

  1. PI’s need to use Sailpoint to request to Create a Non-Employee account (click here for instructions)
  2. PI’s need to proceed to ‘Request Access’ for school VPN Tunnel (click here for instructions)
  3. Once step 2 is approved, PI’s will receive an email notification informing you that your SailPoint request has been completed with Mount Sinai Login ID and password. Your (collaborators) may need to change this password before logon to school VPN. To change your password, please go to, enter your network ID. From the “location” dropdown you’ll need to choose MSSM.
  4. You (collaborators) can proceed to VIP Two-Factor setup for school VPN access (click here for instructions)
  5. After you download the VIP token to your local device, you may need to send an email to school IT at for help with registration if you have trouble accessing while off-campus
  6. You (collaborators) can proceed to login to the VPN (click here for more information) and then access Minerva as normal, using ssh (if you already have Minerva account)

If you don’t have a Minerva account, please apply for one using the Mount Sinai ID received above at  Please check external account in the form.

You can reach out to the IT Helpdesk here for assistance on VPN issues:

By Phone: 1-212-241-7091
Via email:

General Note:
Firefox is the preferred browser for launching f5 software, while Chrome may sometimes have troubles.

Instructions on F5 setup on Linux (such as Ubuntu) system: 
On your Ubuntu machine go to and log in with your password / VIP token.

  1. The welcome page will have many boxes: Click on linux_deb  and download the f5 software.
  2. Open a terminal on Ubuntu and move to the folder that contains the download, then: sudo apt install /path/to/package/name. deb/opt/f5 will be created.
  3. Click on “tunnel” and on the f5 popup, “Choose” /opt/f5/vpn/f5vpn and you should be in.