As of October 1st, 2020, Minerva is HIPAA-compliant (i.e., PHI data will be allowed to be stored and processed on Minerva). All users are required to read the following HIPAA policy and complete the Minerva HIPAA Agreement Form (Campus network needed, or sign in through school VPN if off-campus) annually. 

All users and PIs on Minerva are required to complete this HIPAA Compliance Agreement irrespective of individual plans to use Protected Health Information (PHI) on Minerva.   

Please read and sign Minerva HIPAA Agreement Form. For authentication, please use your Mount Sinai ID (not email address) and password (both school-mssm account and hospital-mountsinai.org accounts should work), no VIP token needed.  

 As of Feb. 1 2023, we launch a new HIPAA form with the authentication configured against ALL Mount Sinai ID including School and Hospital IDs. Minerva account is no longer required for signing in.  If you still have issue with login, please email us at hpchelp@hpc.mssm.edu right away.

Any PI on Minerva who has not signed the form by then will have their projects and accounts locked until the form is signed. Any non-PI user who has not signed the form by then will have their accounts locked until the form is signed. 
































































































































































































































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