Our mission is to accelerate scientific discovery at Mount Sinai by providing researchers with a scalable high performance computational and data infrastructure along with human expertise for efficient and effective use of these resources. We partner with both internal and external scientists on innovative research to pursue new scientific opportunities, and actively strive for broader engagement and industrial partnerships with the local and state communities for education and workforce development.

Examples of incredible research being done on Mount Sinai Scientific Computing machines include:

Computational Structural Biology of Membrane Proteins


Precision Medicine

These services are available for your research needs:

Research Data Services
Mount Sinai’s Research Data Services department provides services and resources for data management, specimen management, scheduling for shared resource facilities, and data mining and data marts. We provide both self-service and custom electronic data capture systems for clinical trials.

Mount Sinai Data Warehouse
The Mount Sinai Data Warehouse (MSDW) consists of clinical, operational, and financial data derived from the patient care processes of The Mount Sinai Hospital and The Mount Sinai Faculty Practice Associates. Detailed inpatient and outpatient data are extracted from transactional systems, transformed and loaded into MSDW nightly. MSDW contains data on over two million patients sourced from over 20 transactional systems since 2003.