4:25 PM 03/26/2020:

  • We have noticed that sometimes using VPN you may land in a campus/hospital subnet that is separated from the Minerva network.
  • If you already use VPN and are still unable to connect to minerva/chimera/minerva13/minerva14, please try your connection to minerva11 and minerva12.
  • If you have trouble resolving the hostname with an error message “ssh: Could not resolve hostname xxx: Name or service not known”, you can use the IP address explicitly, for example: “ssh userid@


1:20 PM 03/26/2020:

If you are having difficulties connecting to Minerva from outside campus, you can try the following hostname/alias names. IPs are also listed for our 4 login nodes.

Without VPN:

  • minverva.hpc.mssm.edu
  • minerva11.hpc.mssm.edu (
  • minerva12.hpc.mssm.edu (

Within VPN:

  • minerva.hpc.mssm.edu
  • chimera.hpc.mssm.edu
  • minerva13.hpc.mssm.edu (
  • minerva14.hpc.mssm.edu (

VPN is not always stable. Depending on the subnet you landed on, some Sinai websites may not be accessible. If you continue to have issues, please send us or school IT a ticket.