Rstudio Connect Server on Minerva

What is Rstudio Connect?

Rstudio Connect server is available on Minerva since Aug 2020, where you can publish Shiny, R Markdown and Jupyter for collaborators or others (Please check more details on Rstudio-connect at

How many users allowed to log into Rstudio Connect?

Currently, the subscription is upgraded to allow 45 named users on the server.

How to publish?

Rstudio-connect server is at

To publish your R product with Rstudio-connect:

1. Login to Minerva by ssh -X ( X11 forwarding needed for GUI)

2. After login,

$ ml rstudio

$ rstudio

Connect Rstudio IDE to rstudio connect, following

The address of the RStudio Connect server is This will request login, please use your sinai ID and password  (NO VIP token needed).

3.To publish, open your app file such as app.R in rstudio IDE, and click the right corner publish button, following

NOTE: please uncheck “Launch browser” when publishing, since launching the browser over GUI is slow.

4. After your application is successfully deployed as shown in the deploy log, you can copy the URL and open it in any browser you like

5. You can manage access and other metrics in the dashboard. Tip: you can modify your Content URL as shown in the screenshot (bottom right corner), and copy the URL for sharing. How to manage your application in the dashboard, please follow rstudio connect user guide at