Dear Minerva users,

We would like to update you with the recent progress and plans we have on Minerva GPFS filesystems.

1.  New file system Arion installation is complete, adding 10 PB of usable storage to Minerva!!

2.  AFM data migration from /sc/orga to /sc/arion is in progress.

  • The AFM data migration is set up and on-going in the background. We expect this process to be 1-2 months.
  • When most of the data is migrated, a PM will be scheduled to unmount Orga and mount Arion.
  • After PM, /sc/hydra and /sc/arion will become the primary storage.

3.  Hydra storage is 87% full.

To keep the stable performance of Hydra (usage should be < 90%),  we would like to ask for your help before we can add more storage component to Hydra:

  1. If you have projects that are available on both Hydra and Orga, please use Orga. We have 3.8PB free space available at Orga.
  2. If you have duplicated files on both Hydra and Orga, please keep the copy in Orga and delete the duplicates in Hydra if you can.
  3. Any help in freeing up space in Hydra is appreciated.


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