We have completed all the tests on the new high memory compute nodes. Those new nodes are added to both express and premium queues with resource -R himem needed this Thursday.

To submit your jobs to high memory nodes,  make sure you add the following lines “#BSUB -R himem ” in your LSF script or -R himem  to your LSF command line.

If your jobs need heavy memory per core ( for example, >= 20GB per core), we highly recommend that you submit your jobs to those high memory nodes.

What are the new compute nodes here?

33 high memory nodes (1.5 TB of memory per node)
  • 48 Intel Xeon Platinum 8268 2.9 GHz Processors per node, for a total of 1,584 cores

If you have any question on this, please send us a ticket at hpchelp@hpc.mssm.edu