Thanks to a donor, we’re happy to announce that we will be expanding Minerva with new high memory nodes, A100 GPU nodes, and high-speed storage.  After the installation, we will have a total of 434 nodes for a total of 20,832 cores, and 21 petabytes of usable storage.
The expansion will consist of:
30 high memory nodes (1.5 TB of memory per node)
  • 48 Intel Xeon Platinum 8268 2.9 GHz Processors per node, for a total of 1,440 cores

32 A100 GPUs in 8 nodes 
  • 48 Intel Xeon Platinum 8268 2.9 GHz Processors per node, 384 GB memory per node, 1.92 TB SSD per node, 4 A100 GPUs per node, 40 GB of memory on GPU, for a total of 384 cores, 32 A100 GPUs
11.6 petabytes of usable storage (16 PB raw)
  • Will be integrated into Arion file system, for a total of 21.2 PB of usable storage in Arion

The storage and the high memory nodes will be delivered in late September, while the GPUs will be delivered in Oct. The installation will be planned afterward.  We expect the storage and the high memory nodes to be in production in mid-November.
A couple of PMs may need to scheduled for the integration of these new nodes. We will minimize and schedule the outages on weekends as best as we can. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this upgrade. Please stay tuned for later updates.
Please let us know if you have any questions at