ORS PSRS 3rd International Spine Research Symposium


Mount Sinai Spine was an important sponsor of the ORS PSRS Spine Research Symposium. Many members of the Spine Lab participated in this meeting. Dr. Iatridis was an invited faculty who gave a talk entitled ‘Annulus Fibrosus Repair Strategies in the Intervertebral Disc’. Alumnus, Dr. Devina Purmessur, was an invited speaker on the Special Rising Star Session organized by the ORS Spine Section, and gave a talk on ‘The Role of the IVD Microenvironment on Neurovascular Ingrowth’. Dr. Alon Lai and Visiting Professor, Dr. Hironobu Watanabe (Keiyu Spine Center, Keiyu Orthopedic Hospital, Tatebayashi, Gunma), received a 1st Place Poster Award in the ‘Preclinical, Animal Models, and Clinical’ session (http://www.ors.org/ors-psrs-award-recipients/).