Congratulations Dr. Chris Panebianco on your impressive graduation.

Dr. Christopher Panebianco successfully defended his PhD Dissertation in spring 2022. Chris has been remarkably successful as a Mount Sinai PhD student with many awards and publications in science and education, and with tireless efforts supporting education, outreach and community building at Mount Sinai, New York, and nationally. Shown here at commencement with co-mentor, Dr. Jennifer Weiser.

ORL Field Days Summer 2022

Yet another fabulous field days achieving tough athletic competition and huge amounts of fun! We can not thank enough Dr. Chris Panebianco for creating ORL Field Days and giving the event so much heart!

Iatridis Lab Summer Students 2022

The Spine Lab hosted 4 excellent summer students in 2022. All summer students worked with excellence and achieved major research milestones.

  • Davis John, UT Dallas SURP Student worked on our discogenic pain project.
  • Yashna Patel, Stuyvesant High School worked on our neonatal regeneration project.
  • Ashley Rosenberg, Mount Sinai MS1  worked on our neonatal regeneration project.
  • Heejin Cho (not shown), CCNY BME student working on our IVD repair project collaboration with Dr. Nicoll and David Alpert.
  • Iatridis Lab Summer Students 2022

Mount Sinai-Cooper Union Collaborative Symposium

Chris Panebianco along with Drs. Iatridis and Jennifer Weiser were highlighted at the annual Cooper Union-Mount Sinai “Research-Pitch Symposium” on September 24, 2021.

Shown here, Sanjna Rao, undergraduate BME student from Cooper Union, whose primary mentor is Dr. Jennifer Weiser from Cooper Union. Sanja worked with Chris Panebianco, PhD student at Mount Sinai and Cooper Union Alumnus, to make great progress on our cell-delivery projects for annulus fibrosus repair. Sanjna is in the cell culture suite with Chris, Brian Bueno and Dr. Jennifer Gansau.

Mount Sinai SURP and Summer Students 2021

The Spine Lab was delighted to welcome on-site summer students back to the ORL in 2021.

We were exceedingly impressed at the excellence and ambition of all 3 summer students. The SURP students presented excellent posters at Mount Sinai in Guggenheim Pavilion on August

  • Kelsey Goune, pursuing a Biology Major at Lehman College, worked on our neonatal regeneration project with Danielle D’Erminio as main mentor.
  • Kashaf Zaheer, pursuing a Biochemistry Major at Vassar College, worked on our discogenic pain project with Alon Lai as main mentor.
  • Sanjna Rao, pursuing a Biomedical Engineering Major at Cooper Union, worked on our annulus repair projects with Chris Panebianco as main mentor.

ORL Field Days 2021 returns

Team building could not be more fun than during ORL Field Days where Chris Panebianco is an exceptional organizer!

We were happy to have the return of ORL Field Days on June 4, 2021 to celebrate collaboration, fun and 100% vaccination compliance.