Mount Sinai SURP and Summer Students 2021

The Spine Lab was delighted to welcome on-site summer students back to the ORL in 2021.

We were exceedingly impressed at the excellence and ambition of all 3 summer students. The SURP students presented excellent posters at Mount Sinai in Guggenheim Pavilion on August

  • Kelsey Goune, pursuing a Biology Major at Lehman College, worked on our neonatal regeneration project with Danielle D’Erminio as main mentor.
  • Kashaf Zaheer, pursuing a Biochemistry Major at Vassar College, worked on our discogenic pain project with Alon Lai as main mentor.
  • Sanjna Rao, pursuing a Biomedical Engineering Major at Cooper Union, worked on our annulus repair projects with Chris Panebianco as main mentor.