Mount Sinai Spine Research Day – May 18

The Sinai Spine Research Day on May 18th highlights the latest clinical and basic science spine research and demonstrates the strong commitment to promote research that answers critical scientific questions while also improving clinical care. This year, four members of the spine lab will be giving presentations:

Alon Lai: “Bioactive dietary polyphenol preparation for preventing painful behavior associated with lumbar disc degeneration”

Thomas Evashwick-Rogler: “Hyperosmolar overloading induces notochordal cell differentiation with osmosensitive Aquaporin3 upregulation and altered Ncadherin and Connexin43 expression”

Rose Long: “Repair of annular injury using a fibrin based sealant in ovine after one year”

Olivia Torre: “Development of an in vivo model of neonatal intervertebral disc injury and regeneration”