Virtual Symposium

The Ma’ayan Laboratory and the Mount Sinai Center for Bioinformatics hosted a virtual symposium on Thursday, August 11, 2022 that featured research projects of the 2022 summer undergraduate research fellows. Our Summer Research Training Program in Biomedical Big Data Science is a research intensive ten-week training program for undergraduate students interested in participating in cutting-edge research projects aimed at solving data-intensive biomedical problems. Summer fellows training in the Ma’ayan Laboratory at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai conducted faculty-mentored independent research projects in the following areas: data harmonization, machine learning, cloud computing and dynamic data visualization.


10:00 AM Introduction

10:05 AM Derek Wang

Cell Shooter: Interactive Viewer to Discover Targets and Drugs for Clusters of Patients

10:15 AM Eden Deng

Target Identification from RNA-seq of Senescent Cells and CPTAC3 Subtypes

10:25 AM David Lewis

Combined KEA3 and ChEA3 Analysis of the CPTAC3 Proteogenomics Data

10:35 AM Reid Fleishman

Processing the Tabula Sapiens Dataset for Data Integration and Knowledge Discovery

10:45 AM Clara Chen

The Dexamethasone Benchmarking Resource

10:55 AM Sophia Colmenares

Benchmarking Methods to Produce L1000 Consensus Signatures

11:05 AM Nhi Nguyen

The Enrichr Knowledge Graph

11:15 AM Hannah Qu

Updating the ChEA Transcription-Factor/Target Library

11:25 AM Lauren Druz

Knowledge Graph to Connect Labs based on the Genes and Diseases they Study

11:35 AM Cole Heine

Gene-Centric Integration, Harmonization, and Analysis of Common Fund Datasets

11:45 AM Sophie Goldman

RxPx: Dashboard and Appyter for Predicted Drug Properties

11:55 AM Jason Han

Boxplot Express: Interactive Exploration of Transcriptomics Datasets

12:05 PM Closing Remarks