Virtual Symposium

Please join us on Thursday, August 10th at 10:00 AM ET for a virtual symposium featuring the Ma’ayan Laboratory’s undergraduate trainees in the 2023 Summer Research Training Program in Biomedical Big Data Science. This nationally acclaimed summer program for undergraduate students is a ten-week research intensive training program. The trainees in the program carry out cutting-edge research projects aimed at solving data-intensive biomedical problems with computational methods. The faculty-mentored independent research projects are in the following areas: data harmonization, machine learning, cloud computing, and dynamic interactive data visualization, and are applied to datasets from cancer, diabetes, and aging.

Please register in advance for this virtual symposium. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Zoom webinar.


10:00 AM

Opening Remarks (Sherry Xie)

10:05 AM

Adding RNA-seq Analysis Capabilities to the Playbook Workflow Builder (Alexandra Agris)

10:15 AM

lncRNAlyzr: Exploring Knowledge about lncRNA Modules (Lauren Malek)

10:25 AM

Genes4Networks: Knowledge Graph of Human Protein-Protein Interactions (Adam Lalani)

10:35 AM

Learning X2K with CPTAC Data (Hannah Lee)

10:45 AM

Crossing Omics Datasets Collected from Human Cell Lines for Knowledge Discovery (Abigail Zaroff)

10:55 AM

Identifying Potential Immunotherapeutic Targets for Non-Brain Solid Tumors (Gaurvi Awasthi)

11:05 AM

Age Prediction Model from RNA-seq Profiling of PBMCs (Mason Zhang)

11:15 AM

Trends in the Publication of Bioinformatics Tools (Rhea Desai)

11:25 AM

LINCS Exploratory: A LINCS Discord Server (Osaiyekemwen Ruth Ogbemudia)

11:35 AM

AutoChEA: Automatic Extraction of Gene Sets from ChIP-seq Publications (Jacob Mayourian)

11:45 AM

Introduction to Bioinfor-Omics: An Interactive Online Course (Nooha Kawsar)

11:55 AM

Closing Remarks (Avi Ma’ayan)