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FAIR Your Data
Nature Methods

Ten Renowned Mount Sinai Faculty Members Honored at Convocation
Inside Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai Researchers Develop Software to Measure the Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability of Biomedical Digital Research Objects
Mount Sinai Press Release

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Convocation 2019
ISMMS Events

2020 Summer Research Training Program in Biomedical Big Data Science
Ma’ayan Lab and Mount Sinai Center for Bioinformatics

Smoke Signals – Study Shows Path Linking Nicotine Addiction to Increased Risk for Diabetes
Nature via Twitter

2019 Presentation Session Featuring the Research Projects of the BD2K-LINCS Fellows
BD2K-LINCS Data Coordination and Integration Center

Finding Needles in the Haystack: Integrating ‘Omics Data to Predict Toxicity
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Mount Sinai Researchers Develop Tool that Analyzes Biomedical Data within Minutes
Mount Sinai Press Release

2018 Presentation Session Featuring the Research Projects of the BD2K-LINCS Fellows
BD2K-LINCS Data Coordination and Integration Center

Big Data, Networks Identify Cell Signaling Pathways in Lung Cancer
Medical Press

Mount Sinai Health System Top 10 Researchers
Mount Sinai Innovation Partners

Mount Sinai Researchers Receive NIH Grant to Develop New Ways to Share and Reuse Research Data
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Students Harness Big Data to Help Solve Medical Challenges
ISMMS Fall 2017 Dean’s Report

The FAIR Data-Sharing Movement: BD2K Centers Make Headway
Biomedical Computation Review

BD2K Centers Open Doors to Discovery
Biomedical Computation Review

Big Data and Drugs: BD2K Centers Solidify Emerging Approaches
Biomedical Computation Review

Gene Expression’s Big Rethink

BD2K Highlights
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Big (Data) Changes
Biomedical Computation Review

Biomedical Computation Review

Crowdsourcing for Scientific Discovery: Mount Sinai Researchers Find Novel Ways to Analyze Data for Drug and Target Discovery
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Alumna Interns at Prestigious Research Lab for the Summer
Fairleigh Dickinson University Feature Story

twoXAR Collaborates with Researchers at Mount Sinai to Advance New Medicines for Diabetic Nephropathy
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Back on the Road with Coursera

Genetics: Big Hopes for Big Data
Nature | Outlook

NIH Launches a United Ecosystem for Big Data
Biomedical Computation Review

Stem Cell (Re)Programming: Computing New Recipes
Biomedical Computation Review

Center to Seek New Therapeutics by Integrating Gene, Protein Databases
Mount Sinai Press Release

Systems Pharmacology Approaches for Drug and Cancer Research

Society of Toxicology 2013 Annual Meeting
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New Computational Method to Help Organize Scientific Data

Mount Sinai Researchers Develop New Computational Method to Find Novel Connections from Gene to Gene, Drug to Drug and Between Scientists
Science Daily

Mutations in 3 Genes Linked to Autism Spectrum Disorders

HIPK2 Regulator Protein Plays a Crucial Role in Kidney Fibrosis

Researchers Discover Drug Target for Kidney Failure
Mount Sinai Press Release

Recovering Protein-Protein and Domain-Domain Interactions from Aggregation of IP-MS Proteomics of Coregulator Complexes
Mount Sinai Press Release

Expression2Kinases: mRNA Profiling Linked to Multiple Upstream Regulatory Layers
Mount Sinai Press Release

Mount Sinai Researchers Develop New Computational Method to Aid Analysis of Gene Expression Experiments
Mount Sinai Press Release

Animating Molecular Biology
Biomedical Computation Review

Systematic Tracking of Cell Fate Changes
Nature Biotechnology