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ChEA3: transcription factor enrichment analysis by orthogonal omics integration


Evangelista JE, Clarke DJB, Xie Z, Marino GB, Utti V, Jenkins SL, Ahooyi TM, Bologa CG, Yang JJ, Binder JL, Kumar P, Lambert CG, Grethe JS, Wenger E, Taylor D, Oprea TI, de Bono B, Ma’ayan AToxicology knowledge graph for structural birth defectsCommunications Medicine 3(1):98 (2023) PMID: 37460679

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Marino GB, Ngai M, Clarke DJB, Fleishman RH, Deng EZ, Xie Z, Ahmed N, Ma’ayan AGeneRanger and TargetRanger: processed gene and protein expression levels across cells and tissues for target discoveryNucleic Acids Research 51(W1):W213-W224 (2023) PMID: 37166966

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Evangelista JE, Clarke DJB, Xie Z, Lachmann A, Jeon M, Chen K, Jagodnik KM, Jenkins SL, Kuleshov MV, Wojciechowicz ML, Schurer SC, Medvedovic M, Ma’ayan ASigCom LINCS: data and metadata search engine for a million gene expression signaturesNucleic Acids Research 50(W1):W697-709 (2022) PMID: 35524556

Clarke DJB, Kuleshov MV, Xie Z, Evangelista JE, Meyers MR, Kropiwnicki E, Jenkins SL, Ma’ayan AGene and drug landing page aggregatorBioinformatics Advances 2(1):vbac013 (2022) PMID: 35368424

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Piret SE, Attallah AA, Gu X, Guo Y, Gujarati NA, Henein J, Zollman A, Hato T, Ma’ayan A, Revelo MP, Dickman KG, Chen CH, Shun CT, Rosenquist TA, He JC, Mallipattu SK. Loss of proximal tubular transcription factor Krüppel-like factor 15 exacerbates kidney injury through loss of fatty acid oxidationKidney International (2021) PMID: 34634362

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Xie Z, Bailey A, Kuleshov MV, Clarke DJB, Evangelista JE, Jenkins SL, Lachmann A, Wojciechowicz ML, Kropiwnicki E, Jagodnik KM, Jeon M, Ma’ayan AGene set knowledge discovery with EnrichrCurrent Protocols 1(3):e90 (2021) PMID: 33780170

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