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Articles in Biomedical Computation Review

Guest Editorial
Big (Data) Changes
Improving the Evaluation of Biomedical Academic Software Development Projects
By Avi Ma’ayan, PhD

Big Data Highlight
The Harmonizome
A Prototype for Integrated Datasets
By Katharine Miller

Crowdsourcing for Scientific Discovery: Mount Sinai Researchers Find Novel Ways to Analyze Data for Drug and Target Discovery
Mount Sinai press release

Alumna Interns at Prestigious Research Lab for the Summer
Fairleigh Dickinson University Feature Story

twoXAR Collaborates with Researchers at Mount Sinai to Advance New Medicines for Diabetic Nephropathy
Press release on Business Wire 

Establishment of Mount Sinai Center for Bioinformatics
Mount Sinai press release

Back on the Road with Coursera
Article in ASBMB Today

Genetics: Big Hopes for Big Data
News in Nature | Outlook

NIH Launches a United Ecosystem for Big Data
Article in Biomedical Computation Review

Stem Cell (Re)Programming: Computing New Recipes
Article in Biomedical Computation Review

Center to Seek New Therapeutics by Integrating Gene, Protein Databases
Mount Sinai press release

Systems Pharmacology Approaches for Drug and Cancer Research

Society of Toxicology 2013 Annual Meeting
News article in Drug Discovery News

New Computational Method to Help Organize Scientific Data
Press release on

Mount Sinai Algorithm Predicts Drug Side Effects
Press release on

Mount Sinai Researchers Develop New Computational Method to Find Novel Connections from Gene to Gene, Drug to Drug and Between Scientists
Mount Sinai press release

Mutations in 3 Genes Linked to Autism Spectrum Disorders
Press release on

HIPK2 Regulator Protein Plays a Crucial Role in Kidney Fibrosis
Press release on

Researchers Discover Drug Target for Kidney Failure
Mount Sinai press release

Recovering Protein-Protein and Domain-Domain Interactions from Aggregation of IP-MS Proteomics of Coregulator Complexes
Mount Sinai press release

Expression2Kinases: mRNA Profiling Linked to Multiple Upstream Regulatory Layers
Mount Sinai press release

New Database Could Speed Up Drug Discovery
Tech news feature on CNET

Mount Sinai Researchers Develop New Computational Method to Aid Analysis of Gene Expression Experiments
Mount Sinai press release

Animating Molecular Biology
Article in Biomedical Computation Review

Systematic Tracking of Cell Fate Changes
News and views article in Nature Biotechnology

Computational Honeycombs Drip with Data
News item in NIGMS Computing Life

Stem Cells, Systems Biology and Human Feedback
News feature in Nature Reports Stem Cells