­­ ­  The Cardiology Laboratory for Translational Research of CVRC has several unique large animal models that closely mimic human cardiac diseases and uses these models for studying physiology, biology, imaging, and efficacy of therapeutic approaches. Independent clinical catheterization laboratory dedicated to CVRC large animal studies allows daily catheter procedures and echocardiography as well as pressure-volume loop evaluations within the laboratory. It also has access to state-of-the-art imaging modalities in The Translational and Molecular Imaging Institute including magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography.
­  ­Our lab is unique in having not only the acute heart failure models but having repertories of chronic heart failure models with different characteristics. These include, chronic myocardial infarction, chronic ischemia with hibernating myocardium, mitral regurgitation induced volume-overload, aortic banding induced pressure overload, combined myocardial infarction and aortic banding, post-capillary pulmonary hypertension, and chronic pulmonary embolism. These models provide important opportunities to evaluate therapeutic effects in respective phenotype of diseases that reflect clinical population.
­   Recent successful demonstration of nebulization gene therapy in preventing the progression of pulmonary hypertension as well as a new viral vector based heart failure therapy in pigs are expected to be translated into clinical trials in near future.
­ ­  Our lab also focuses on defining the physiological and molecular changes induced by altering the cardiac load both in acute and chronic heart failure.

Available modalities of in vivo physiological assessment and manipulation within the lab
• Pressure-volume conductance system (Millar, EMKA)
• Echocardiography: ie-33 (Philips), vivid-i (GE)
• Q-lab software for echo strain analysis and 3D echo
• Transonic Flow probe
• Flow and pressure wire measurement (Volcano)
• Tissue perfusion using fluorescent microspheres
• Swan-Ganz cardiac output
• Pacing (Harvard Apparatus)
• ICD and loop recorders (Medtronic)
• Impella (Abiomed)
• IABP (Datascope)
• ThermoGard endovascular cooling system (Zoll)
• Near infra-red live imager

Access to
• Cardiac MRI (3T, 7T)
• Cardiac CT

A & B: An image of the Cardiovascular Translational Laboratory. The lab is equipped with a cine fluoroscopy machine, power injector, pressure-volume system, echocardiography (Philips ie33), IABP, and Volcano flow-pressure wire system for detailed cardiovascular functional evaluations. C-E: Examples of pressure-volume loop in normal and MI pig (C), 3D echocardiography (D), and left ventriculogram (E).