Welcome to the Ishikawa Laboratory

Ishikawa lab is also named as Cardiology Laboratory for Translational Research at Cardiovascular Research Institute (CVRI) at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

The missions of Cardiovascular Translational Laboratory are:

1. Translating highly promising bench findings/therapies towards clinical application

2. Establishing novel gene/cell therapy delivery methods for improving therapeutic efficacy

3. Defining physiological and molecular changes associated with LV loading and unloading

4. Elucidating the physiological and molecular mechanisms involved in cardiovascular pathophysiology

5. Applying state-of-art imaging techniques to diagnose cardiac pathology

6. Understanding the physiological and therapeutic impact of myocardial and systemic temperature

­ ­ Our laboratory is equipped with a clinical grade catheterization lab with various interventional tools that are commonly used in clinical interventional cardiology. A pressure-volume system and echocardiography readily enable us to precisely evaluate changes induced by therapies along with detailed molecular and histological assessments. For the past few years, our laboratory has been conducting an average of 300 procedures per year on large animal experiments which is an extraordinarily high number among the world. High-volume preclinical work in large animals such as ours enables streamed translation of novel therapeutic approaches from bench to bedside.