Industry collaboration

We are open to industry projects that have scientific merit to us. We have experience and ongoing projects with industries in gene therapy, drug therapy and device therapy. 

Our expertise on pig models, cardiac physiology, intervention, imaging, and molecular biology offers comprehensive preclinical evaluation of new drugs/devices.

Please contact us for potential projects. We can provide rough budgets if you already have a study design. We can also help with designing.

Below are Pros and Cons for working with us on industry projects.


  • High quality data with demonstrated consistency and reproducibility.
  • Study design assistance based on our previous experience.
  • High survival rates for many of the animal models.
  • Expertise on cardiac physiology and imaging.
  • Cost is generally less than CRO.
  • Potential new discovery. -We have multiple patent applications based on industry collaboration projects


  • We are not GLP approved facility, although we take care and follow GLP guidelines.
  • Study size may not be too large.