Jan 2024   Genya joined the lab!

Nov 2023   Renata graduated the lab. She will be still in Sinai assisting clinical pediatric cardiology team.

Nov 2023   Deanndrea joined the lab!



Oct 2023   New mobile C-arm supported by NIH S10!




Sept 2023  Kenji joined the lab!

July 2023   Kyra joined the lab for the summer and extended her stay:)

June 2023  Anjali defended her Master thesis. Amazing job!

June 2023  Tomoki and Francisco graduated the lab. Tomoki will start his clinical fellowship in Thomas Jefferson, and Francisco in Jackson Memorial/UMiami. Good luck!

Feb 2023    Fully GFP positive pig cake for Kiyo’s BD (See chef’s page)





Nov 2022   Lab in Chicago for A-CURE





Tomoki presenting for Best in Research Award





Oct, 2022  Renata cutting the basket ball birthday cake (See chef’s page)





Aug, 2022       Jonas joined the lab!

Mar, 2022      Pig lab going out for pork dinner.





Feb, 2022   Chef  Spyros  baked  a cake  for  Kiyo’s  BD. ymmm.





Jan, 2022      Renata and Tomoki presented in A-CURE 2022. Renata won the Young Investigator’s Award! Great job!





Nov, 2021      Kelly moved to Sinai CCMS (Center for Comparative Medicine and Surgery) as a Clinical Veterinarian.

Sep, 2021       Anjali joined the lab!

July, 2021      Spyros joined he lab!

Apr, 2021       Tomoki and Francisco joined the lab!

Feb, 2021       Kiyo is editing Methods in Molecular Biology -Cardiac gene therapy, 2nd edition-. Contact me if you are interested in contributing a chapter.

Dec, 2020      Renata won ACURE Scholarship Grant – $20K for experiment budget. Congrats!

Sep, 2020       Renata joined the lab! Welcome!

Aug, 2020       Olympia went back to Germany and will continue to engage in research

Aug, 2020       Taro is back to Japan and work as clinician scientist.

June, 2020    Satoshi will move to Boston for his cardiology fellowship in Tufts. Good luck!

May, 2020      Tadao decided to pause fellowship and go back to Japan due to COVID-19 situation.

Mar, 2020       Satoshi is working at the COVID-19 front line. We are so proud of him.

Oct, 2019         Tadao won the First prize in The Japanese Society of Nuclear Cardiology Young Investigator’s Award on his work in his previous institution (Hokkaido University).

Sep, 2019         Tadao joined the lab!

Sep, 2019         Kiyo is editing “Science in Mechanical Circulatory Support” in Frontiers Journal with Dr. Kapur (Tufts) and Dr. Meyns (KU Leuven). Please send your manuscripts.

Sep, 2019         NYAM grant awarding ceremony







Aug, 2019          At A-CURE meeting in Paris






July, 2019          Taro was awarded A-CURE research fellowship!  Congrats!

Mar, 2019          Serena was awarded  Glorney-Raisbeck Student Grant in Cardiovascular Disease Research 2019! Congrats!!

Oct, 2018            Kelly and Satoshi won Research Merit Scholarship in A-CURE. Congrats!

  Collaboration project with Carlos Santos-Gallego won the Best in Research Scholarship in A-CURE.

Sep, 2018            Taro and Serena joined the lab. Welcome!

Aug, 2018          “Experimental models of cardiovascular diseases” – Kiyo’s edition is published.

July, 2018           Alex did a summer internship in our lab.

May, 2018          Olympia was the finalist in Young Investigators Award in ISHR North American Meeting at Halifax

Mar 16, 2018  Shin is back to Japan after 3 years of research in our lab. Wish Shin a continued success.

Jan 15,2018       Kelly joined the lab! Welcome!

Dec 15, 2017      Kiyo received his first R01.

Dec 8, 2017        Our lab was highlighted in an article in Circulation Research.

Dec 6, 2017        Kiyo is guest editing a special issue “Cardiovascular Gene Therapy” in the Journal of Cardiovascular Development and Disease. Please send your manuscript!