Welcome to the Iatridis Spine Bioengineering Lab

The Iatridis Spine Bioengineering Lab is a member of the Orthopaedic Research Laboratories and Black Family Stem Cell Institute at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.  The objective of the Spine Lab is to develop minimally invasive interventions to prevent and repair painful spinal pathologies with a focus on intervertebral disc (IVD) degeneration.  The investigates causes and treatments for specific and non-specific causes painful spine conditions. The lab is highly collaborative and interdisciplinary and is comprised of bioengineers, biologists and medical staff and trainees applying advanced tissue and cellular engineering, sequencing, biomechanics, and biomaterial tools to improve spinal health.


James Iatridis, PhD
Professor & Vice Chair for Research
Mount Sinai Endowed Chair in Orthopaedic Research
Director, Spine Research Program
Leni and Peter W. May Department of Orthopaedics
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Email: james.iatridis@mssm.edu

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