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Genomics software

GenomeVIP: a cloud platform for genomic variant discovery and interpretation. [GitHub]

CharGer: Clinical Characterization of Germline Variants. [GitHub]

AeQTL: eQTL analysis using region-based aggregation of rare variants. [GitHub]

LOHfinder: Identify germline variants undergoing LOH, used in: Pathogenic Germline Variants in 10,389 Adult Cancers. [GitHub]


Proteomics software

OPPTI: Pan-cancer Proteogenomic Investigations Identify Post-Transcriptional Kinase Targets [GitHub]

HotPho: Systematic discovery of spatially interacting phosphorylation sites and mutations in cancer. [GitHub for software][GitHub for analysis scripts]

KinS: Regulated phosphosignaling associated with breast cancer subtypes and druggability. [GitHub]


Open Science

Get Free Copy is a web-based search engine developed to aggregate and streamline biomedical literature searches across four major repositories: arXiv, bioRxiv, medRxiv, and PubMed Central (PMC). We made it because the exchange of scientific knowledge is often hindered by the expensive fees that scientists have to pay to read research publications. Our solution, Get Free Copy, addresses this by offering a responsive, user-friendly search engine that combines search results of free, legitimate copies of research papers. Check it out here!