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We decode multi-omic data to combat human diseases. We envision a world where everyone can enjoy a healthy life to the age of 100, free from significant suffering from diseases like cancer and dementia. 


We specialize in developing cutting-edge statistical genetics, multi-modal, and machine-learning methods, all aimed at advancing our biological knowledge for personalized diagnostics, treatment, and prevention. 


We are a multi-disciplinary team of scientists that believe in integrity, curiosity, persistence, teamwork, and optimism for progress. Join us!

Guiding Principles

1. Be inclusive of diverse populations to ensure our research findings translate to improved biomedicine for all.
2. Pursue comprehensive insights from multi-modal big data to best understand each individual’s disease and health state. 
3. Catch it early. Disease is not built in a day. By studying omics to samples before the disease stage, we aim to identify preventative lifestyle and treatment strategy, hoping to help individuals live disease-free to elderly.