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Sequencing your genome is now cheaper than buying the latest smartphone. Genome sequencing offers an unpredecented opportunity to provide precision healthcare for all. 


Using these genomics data, how do we best predict disease risk and drug targets for each person—so we can best prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases? Could we empower everyone to live healthily to 100-year-old without suffering from devastating illnesses like Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease? 


In our research, we link human genomes to personalized disease risk, prevention, and treatment targets–often by decoding and integrating the functional consequences of disease-driving mutations. We accomplish these goals by developing and applying cutting-edge statistical and machine learning software to diverse, biobank-scale -Omic and population datasets.

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Guiding Principles

1. Be inclusive of diverse populations so our research can translate to improved biomedicine for all.
2. Be comprehensive of multi-modal omics and clinical data to best understand each individual’s disease and health state. 
3. Catch it early. Disease is not built in a day. By studying omics to samples before the disease stage, we aim to identify preventative lifestyle and treatment strategy, hoping to help individuals live disease-free to elderly.