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Entering the $100 genome era, many of us will have our DNA sequenced.


Using these genomics data, how do we best predict disease risk and drug targets for each person—so we can best prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases? Could we empower everyone to live healthily to 100-year-old without suffering from devastating illnesses like Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease? 


In our research, we link human genomes to personalized disease risks and treatment targets–often by decoding and integrating the functional consequences of disease-driving mutations. We accomplish these goals by developing and applying cutting-edge statistical and machine learning software to diverse, biobank-scale -Omic datasets.

Sounds like fun? Join us!

Ethical Principles

1. Empower everyone to live a healthy life: the ultimate goal of our research.
2. Optimize equity and inclusion by consciously including populations of diverse backgrounds, so we can ensure our research will translate to improved biomedicine for all.
3. Respect individual choice and privacy. We believe each person has the right to their genomes and determine the extent of research or clinical use.