Philosophy: Celebrate Diversity

(I) Inclusion of diverse populations. 

We tackle the health challenges faced by diverse populations.

(II) Integration of diverse biomolecules. 

We resolve biological questions by integrating different molecular big data (ex. GWAS array, epigenomics, DNA-Seq, RNA-Seq, MS proteomics).

(III) Individual-based consideration of diverse diseases/treatments. 

We consider multiple diseases/treatments relevant to a single person—like we would if we were the patient!


2020 May Presentation: Illuminating the Blindspots of Precision Oncology
2019 July Presentation: Computational Omics Lab
2020 September Presentation: SearchOptimizationCareerKH

Note: our research progress rapidly to solve the most critical biomedical questions, please refer to the most recent presentations & papers.

Learning materials for Computational Biology/Genomics

Undergraduate/early graduate school level
R route:
Python route:
Cancer basics:
Alzheimer’s disease basics:
Writing, writing, writing!
Graduate school level