Philosophy: Celebrate Diversity

We believe in advancing science and technology for the right cause. In our research, like in our team and thinking, we integrate diverse components that make the biological world endlessly fascinating. 

(I) Inclusion of diverse populations. 

We tackle the health challenges faced by diverse populations.

(II) Integration of diverse biomolecules. 

We resolve biological questions by integrating different molecular big data (ex. GWAS, epigenomics, DNA/RNA-Seq, MS proteomics, EHR).

(III) Individual-based consideration of diverse diseases and health parameters. 

We consider multiple diseases/treatments relevant to a single person—like we would if we were the patient!


Here are some presentations that present some of our rapidly progressing research.

Computational Omics Lab [2019/07]
Illuminating the Blindspots of Precision Oncology [2020/05]
Search Optimization for Your STEM Career [2020/09]

Learning materials

Look no further! We have compiled a list of learning materials that compiles the most useful materials by masters of our field that can help you become an expert scientist and computational biologist. 

Here is the outline of the training material listed, please help yourself and feel free to suggest if you feel we are missing something! 

Computational Omics Lab: Training Materials

  • About the training materials
  • Coding: our bread and butter
  • Writing: nothing counts until others understand your ideas.
  • Science: first, climb onto the shoulder of giants
  • How to give a talk
  • How to make figures
  • How to host an Open Box Science seminar