Collaborate with Us!

We are committed to Open Science; some ideas for ongoing and potential research are listed HERE. We welcome scientists at all levels, and from all geographical or institutional backgrounds, to volunteer or apply to open positions. Volunteers can leverage public datasets that we have curated (TCGA, ICGC, CPTAC, AMP-AD, UKBioBank, DepMap, etc.) or borrow our expertise to tackle their projects of interest. 

We also welcome inquiries of collaboration from and outside of ISMMS. Please see our extensive collaboration record on our Publication page. 


Open position: Postdoctoral Scholar or Senior Scientist 

We are recruiting postdoctoral research scholars with expertise/interests in genomics, computational biology, and computer/data science. Responsibilities include:
1. Lead >= 2 high-impact projects that will translate to substantial scientific and clinical advancement.
2. Become an expert in at least 1 high-dimensional data type, 1 computational/data science approach, and 1 biological/medical field. Utilize expertise to guide and collaborate with colleagues in and out of the lab for co-authorship opportunities.
3. Present scientific results through well-written manuscripts, grant proposals, and oral presentations.
4. Help build and maintain an environment promoting our core values: integrity, curiosity, persistence, teamwork, and innovation.
5. Respect and have fun with colleagues. We are here to have a great time while making discoveries!

Active projects in the Huang | Computational Omics Lab focus on Multi-Omics integration and Machine Learning approaches of addressing age-related human diseases, including Alzheimer’s Disease, Cancer, and COVID-19. The team has established extensive networks in national consortia and internal/external collaborations (e.g., Mount Sinai datasets that included diverse individuals in NYC) that the candidate can further build on for collaborative and career opportunities. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds with relevant skill sets to apply and will consider specific research proposals.

The lab has established procedures for virtual meetings and remote work until the pandemic situation improves. 

Please send your CV, GitHub (or code), and demo/code/presentation of one of your interesting projects (from any field, does not have to be in science) to


Open position: Ph.D./Master Students

We welcome inquiries from Ph.D. & Master students of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS)


Open position: Volunteers

We welcome scientists at all levels to collaborate with us. If you are at a high school, collegiate, or MD student level, please see the Science page to refresh on the data science/computational biology learning materials that will enable you to contribute.