Our Small Molecules

  • Our Selective Inhibitors for Histone Methyltransferases

  • Our Biased Ligands for G Protein-coupled Receptors

  • Our Novel Degraders Targeting Oncogenic Proteins

are listed below. Please scroll-down to the structures and links to publications.

Our Selective Inhibitors for Histone Methyltransferases:

UNC0638: G9a/GLP (PMID: 21743462)

UNC0642: G9a/GLP (in vivo probe) (PMID: 24102134)

MS012: GLP (PMID: 28662962)

UNC1999: EZH2/EZH1 (Orally bioavailable) (PMID: 23614352)

MS2177 (UNC0379) & MS453 (Covalent inhibitor): SETD8 (PMID: 27804297)

SGC707: PRMT3 (PMID: 25728001)

MS023: Type I PRMTs (PMID: 26598975)

MS049: Dual CARM1 and PRMT6 (PMID: 27584694)

HUK1-121: CARM1 (PMID: 28042453)

Our Biased Ligands for G Protein-coupled Receptors:

UNC9994: ß-Arrestin biased D2R ligand (PMID: 22025698 &PMID: 27911814)

UNC9975: ß-Arrestin biased D2R ligand (PMID: 22025698 & PMID: 26129680)

MS1768 (Compound 38): G-protein biased D2R partial agonist (PMID:30964661)

Compound 21: Selective agonist at excitatory (hM3Dq) & inhibitory (hM4Di) (PMID: 25587888 & PMID:30868140)

Compound 10: Non-catechol D1R full agonist (PMID: 31387346)

Compound 71: Selective GPR68 PAM (PMID: 31298539)

Our Novel Degraders Targeting Oncogenic Proteins:

MS4077 & MS4078: ALK degrader (PMID: 29627725)

MS432: MEK1/2 degrader (PMID:31730343)

MS1943: EZH2 degrader (PMID:31819273)

MS39: EGFR degrader (PMID: 31895569)

MS154: EGFR degrader (PMID: 31895569)

Opto-pomalidomide: light-induced pomalidomide (PMID: 32128407)

Opto-dBET1: light-induced BET degrader (PMID: 32128407)

Opto-dALK: light-induced ALK degrader (PMID: 32128407)