Viral IFN Antagonists

Phosphorylation of Akt (red) mediated by PI3K p85β-p110α complexes (yellow) activated by influenza virus NS1 (blue). The actin cytoskeleton is depicted in white.

The NS1 protein of influenza virus is the main viral antagonist of the innate immune response encoded by the virus, but it is also a broad multifunctional pro-viral factor that taps into cellular physiology at multiple levels. The García-Sastre lab has studied these different functions of NS1 and its noteworthy plasticity to better understand and target the cellular processes hijacked by the virus, and their relationship with other human diseases. Concomitantly, the lab’s expertise in the field has allowed us to characterize the NS1 proteins of emerging influenza virus strains to evaluate potential adaptation to human populations and increased epidemic/ pandemic risks.

Giuseppe Pisanelli, Ph.D.
Teresa Aydillo-Gomez, Ph.D.