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Garcia-Sastre Lab Notable Publications:

Grant A, Ponia S, Tripathi S, Balasubramaniam V, Miorin L, Sourisseau M, Schwarz M, Sánchez-Seco M, Evans M, Best S, García-Sastre A. Zika virus targets human STAT2 to inhibit type I interferon signaling. Cell Host & Microbe 2016; 19: 882-890.

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Cuadrado-Castano S, Ayllon J, Mansour M, de la Iglesia-Vicente J, Jordan S, Tripathi S, García-Sastre A, Villar E. Enhancement of the pro-apoptotic properties of Newcastle disease virus promotes tumor remission in syngeneic murine cancer models. Mol. Cancer Ther. 2015; 14(5): 1247-1258.

Laurent-Rolle M, Morrison J, Rajsbaum R, Macleod J, Pisanelli G, Pham A, Ayllon J, Miorin L, Martinez C, tenOever B, García-Sastre A. The interferon signaling antagonist function of yellow fever virus NS5 protein is activated by Type I interferon. Cell Host and Microbe 2014; 16: 314-327.

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Versteeg G, Rajsbaum R, Sánchez-Aparicio M, Maestre A, Valdiviezo J, Shi M, Inn K, Fernandez-Sesma A, Jung J, García-Sastre A. The E3-ligase TRIM family of proteins regulates signaling pathways triggered by innate immune pattern-recognition receptors. Immunity 2013; 38: 384-398.

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