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Accessible NYC

Accessible NYC is your accessible guide to experiencing the richness of the City’s offerings, including arts, entertainment, dining, museums and galleries, family attractions, and sports and recreation.

Navigating a Move With a Disability created a guide with the goal to bridge the gap between disability services and moving. Their guide provides a checklist for home accessibility, federal and state financial assistance programs, and moving tips for people with disabilities.

National Park Free Access Pass

Citizens and residents of the United States with disabilities can obtain a free Access Pass, a lifetime entrance pass to over 2,000 national parks, monuments, historic sites, recreation areas and wildlife refuges. The Pass also provides a 50 percent discount on fees for camping, swimming, parking, boat launching and tours.

Accessible Air Travel

United Spinal’s accessible air travel guide for people with disabilities.

Wheelchair Travel

This website provides a blueprint for traveling with a disability. Detailed wheelchair accessible travel guides describe the nature of accessibility in cities across the U.S., Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

An international online community of wheelchair travelers sharing experiences and tips on everything from hotels to transportation to activities and attractions. Whether you are looking for something exotic or close by, let the community help you find what is out there.

Wheel the World

 A travel company dedicated to people with disabilities. They offer numerous accessible tours to Latin America, Chile, Mexico and Peru.

Emerging Horizons

A publication about accessible travel. It contains access information, resources, news, and travel tips.

Coalition for Disabled Musicians

Located in Long Island, NY, it introduces disabled musicians to each other, offers an accessible rehearsal and recording studio, helps with adaptive techniques for pain, endurance, etc.

ReelAbilities Disabilities Film Festival

Presents award-winning films by and about people with disabilities in multiple locations.

SCI Artist-Innovator Fund

SCI Artist-Innovator Fund from the Center for Cultural Innovation offers artists, innovators, inventors, makers, and entrepreneurs financial capital for social-impact oriented, creative entrepreneurship projects.

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