Accelerating Racial and Ethnic Equity in SCI Rehabilitation Outcomes Module

The Accelerating Racial and Ethnic Equity in SCI Rehabilitation Outcomes is part of the Mount Sinai Spinal Cord Injury Model System. Participants in this research study can participate in this specific module if they qualify for the MAIN STUDY.

This module project aims to:

  • Examine racial/ethnic differences in racial/ethnic-, disability-, and gender role-identities among people with SCI,
  • Analyze identity-based experiences of marginalization including healthcare experiences, and
  • Evaluate the extent that these variables account for racial/ethnic disparities in SCI rehabilitation outcomes.

Black and Hispanic individuals with SCI, relative to Whites, show worse short- and long-term outcomes including medical, psychological, occupational, and social function. SCI outcome disparities persist after controlling for sociodemographic factors, indicating that racial/ethnic disparities are likely driven by unexamined factors beyond traditional social determinants of health in epidemiological studies. We led focus groups on SCI outcome disparities and reached consensus on research recommendations among our 10-person Expert Advisory Committee comprised of diverse individuals with SCI and researchers with expertise in critical race theory, multicultural psychology, health disparities, and culturally competent rehabilitation. We propose studying novel theoretically- and evidence-supported variables that have the potential to explain racial/ethnic disparities in SCI outcomes (with a focus on depression, general health, and participation) and provide targets for accelerating culturally competent rehabilitation.