Transitions Support Group

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic our Support Group schedules may have changed. Please Visit this link for updates

The Transitions Group provides counseling, support, and education to all members, with an emphasis on facilitating adjustment to those who are more recently injured.

Our weekly group plays a powerful role in the lives of both inpatients and outpatients. Our topic-based group discusses a wide range of issues including loss and grief, overcoming fear, pitfalls of isolation, self-image, guilt, asking for help, dealing with the able-bodied world, dating, redefining your independence, family, and parenting. We even tackle more intense subjects such as self-blame, drug and alcohol dependence, depression, and “is life worth living after a spinal cord injury?” Our emotionally laden discussions are often softened by humor (frequently generated by the group members themselves), making discussions less intimidating and easier to participate in.

If you are interested in attending Transitions Group or want more information, please contact Angela Riccobonno, PhD at to arrange a brief phone evaluation to ensure the group is appropriate for you.