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The Spinal Cord Research Center of Mount Sinai within the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

One of the world’s premier spinal cord injury centers, is dedicated to advancing our understanding of spinal cord injury and improving the lives of persons with spinal cord injury.

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The Andrew and Mary Bryce SCI Life Challenge Scholarship Fund

The Andrew and Mary Bryce SCI Life Challenge Scholarship Fund has been established in memory of Andrew Bryce, an avid outdoorsman, husband, father, and person with traumatic spinal cord injury for twenty-five years who remained independent until his death at age 84 in 2007 and his wife Mary who helped facilitate his independence. The purpose of this Scholarship Fund is to provide financial support for persons to participate in our Life Challenge Program. The Life Challenge Program enables individuals with SCI opportunities to participate in activities that may seem impossible because of their disability. Help Empower People with Spinal Cord Injuries DONATE to our Scholarship Fund.

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Fundraise for Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai’s new DIY fundraising page allows anyone to be fundraiser for the Health System. Users can create their own fundraising page or share the platform with patients. All pages are customizable with a photo or video as well as a space to share a story. Those interested can visit  to learn more. For any questions about DIY fundraising, contact Jocelyn Palmer at or 646-605-8796.

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Thomas N. Bryce, MD
Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
5 East 98th Street, Box 1240B
New York, NY 10029-6574
(212) 241-6321