Research Studies

We recently participated in the first randomized controlled multi-center trial looking at the safety and effectiveness of transplanting neural stem cells into the spinal cord of individuals with both complete and incomplete chronic cervical spinal cord injury.

A very exciting area of recent research has focused on using mobile applications (apps) to perform home evaluations in preparation for someone with SCI going home with the proper equipment needed to ensure maximal independence. We have partnered with the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation and the mobile app developer Sensopia to accomplish this.

We have been instrumental in developing and validating an international consensus classification of pain after SCI working with partners from across the globe. This classification has been integrated into the International SCI Pain Data Sets and is the current standard for classifying pain after SCI throughout the world.

Pain is a huge problem after SCI with the majority of persons experiencing chronic pain and there are few effective therapies. We are testing novel ways of treating pain after SCI. One such approach we are taking is to use subcutaneous botulinum toxin A to treat back pain after SCI. We are testing this approach using a double blind placebo controlled crossover methodology.